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If you pay any attention to trending products on social media, you may have heard of Pore Tight Peeling Mousse. 

It’s a Korean skincare product that went viral in recent months, due to a TikTok video that showed it in action. The video gained over 3 million views, over 500,000 likes, and thousands of comments. As a result, the mousse sold out in four hours and gained a waiting list of over 26,000 people.

It is a foam mousse that claims to act like a vacuum, sucking dirt and gunk out of your pores. Just do a search for the product and you’ll see a lot of videos of people using it.

The product information claims to absorb and remove dead skin cells, excess sebum, and trapped blackheads, leaving you with clearer and firmer skin.

The packaging states that the product contains something called alginic acid, which is found in deep sea botanical creatures like red algae and purple sea urchins.

Pore Tight Skin Tightening Mousse

The algae removes the impurities, and urchin tightens the skin.

Pore Tight Peeling Mousse

To use the product, you shake the can, then squirt out some of the mousse in your hand. Apply it to a dry face, and rub the mousse into your skin. You will start to see black stuff, which is supposedly all the impurities in your skin. Then you rinse the product off.

Pore Tight Peeling Mousse

Now here’s where opinions differ on what’s going on here. Some people think the black stuff is the gunk in their skin, others think the black stuff is already in the product, and that’s why it’s important to shake the product before you use it, to distribute the particles throughout the mousse.

Pore Tight Peeling Mousse

I had the opportunity to try this product, and I think I am in the group that believes the black stuff that appears to be coming off of your face is already in the product.

I think this for two reasons. First, I exfoliate regularly, and there is no way there is that much crud in my pores. Second, if you just rub your fingers in the product without applying it to your face, you already see and feel that black stuff.

So here’s what I think of all the hype with this product. I don’t think it works the WAY they say it does, but it does work. I think it works more like a really good exfoliant rather than the vacuum system as described.

I have used the Pore Tight Peeling Mousse regularly for a couple of weeks now, and I REALLY like it.

I have had decent success with those charcoal nose strips that clear out and reduce pores, but those aren’t always easy to get into every nook and cranny, so sometimes they can miss some stuff.

But with this mousse, you can cover every inch of your face. My pores are definitely clean, and my skin feels really soft and smooth after using it. Again, I think it’s because this product is just a really good exfoliator, and maybe not so much a “vacuum” that pulls all this black stuff out of your pores.

So my verdict on this viral product is yes, it does work to clear out and reduce the size of pores. Is it because of all the magic of urchins and algae and a vacuuming effect? I don’t know that I think that is what is happening. But if it works, I don’t really care how. 🙂

So if you try it, see what you think. I’d love to know your verdict!

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