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How do you feel about the term “empty nest?”

I don’t like it.  It implies that once children leave the home, there is nothing left. Not true. We’re still here! Perhaps you, like me, have found yourself with children away at college. Or you’re almost there. There’s no sugar coating it, it is an adjustment. But you have been given a great gift. An opportunity to redefine yourself, find a new purpose, learn new skills, and recraft your life.

  • Are you struggling with time on your hands?
  • Do you have some interests you would like to pursue?
  • Perhaps you want or need extra income?
  • How long has it been since you thought about what YOU would like to do?
  • Do you want to create a life for yourself that reaches beyond raising your children?

There are many of us out here, and we can help each other navigate this shift and learn to begin refilling our nests with meaning and purpose. 

I’ve been right where you are and I’m here to help you create your own full nest!

I am passionate about continually educating oneself as a student of life. I read as many non-fiction and historical fiction books as I can get my hands on, though I do make exceptions for fiction with the classics. I have been using this time in this new phase of my life to learn new things and IMPLEMENT them. I started my own business, and continue to learn how to grow it. I want to share all of my experiences with others who are looking to design their lives into something that works for THEM.

Among other things, I plan to share:

  • How we navigated the college application and acceptance process, and how you can too with some some of your sanity intact
  • How and why I decided to start my own business, how it gives me purpose and the confidence to expand other areas of my life
  • The new things I’ve tried this year and how you can do the same


Everything you’ve done up to this point in your life has prepared you to do something you really want to do.  All you have to do is be willing to JUMP.

Who is behind The Full Nester?

I am delighted you are here, and would like to introduce myself.

My name is Sarah, and I successfully helped my daughter enter and complete the college application and acceptance process. She is now happily at a campus that is a great fit for her. And we both lived to tell the tale.  

I started my own business in 2015, and grew it to six figures by continually applying what I learn as I grow.

I have learned to make the best Texas shaped Belgian waffles you will ever eat. EVER.

I think every woman should learn Krav Maga, a self defense system that encourages avoiding confrontation, but teaches how to finish a fight as quickly and efficiently as possible when necessary.  I may or may not have allegedly fought Secret Service agents during my training. The White House does not comment on such matters. 🙂

I am determined to learn to play my cello well enough to host a musical soiree at my home.

I am fascinated by genealogy, have researched my ancestors back to the 17th century and beyond, and am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

I’ve been fired once in my life. Although I loathe the blemish on my permanent record, I’m proud of why I was fired. I blew the whistle and it turned out I was right. And it also gave me the space to ponder what I wanted to do next with my life.

I love Hallmark movies. They are all the same and predictable.  Which is what makes them so awesome.

Dog person. 100%.

I come from a long line of determined women, or as my uncle calls us, “mules.”  🙂

My full nest consists of a night owl (me), an early bird who happens to be a peacock (my husband), a small dog who is an excellent judge of character and has a lot to say, 🙂 and a young bird who had her senior year of college halted by a pandemic and yet managed to cope and start a career of her own design.

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