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We aren’t even finished with October yet, but we have been gifted with Hallmark Christmas Movie Season!


The new movies started this past weekend, and continue through December. If you love Christmas movies, your weekends are booked for the foreseeable future. 🙂 The Hallmark Channel is showing new Christmas movies every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until Christmas.

It is no secret that I love Christmas movies. Some people really don’t like Hallmark Christmas movies, saying they are all the same and too predictable. This is not exclusive to Christmas. All their movies all the time are all the same. 🙂 That’s exactly WHY I love them!

In a world gone completely nuts, how many predictable things do you have in your life?

I derive great comfort knowing that each weekend, I can watch a movie where I usually know exactly what is going to happen.

  • There will be an uptight young person, usually a woman, with a stressful job.
  • She will sometimes have an equally uptight significant other.
  • The first commercial break comes 20 minutes into the movie.
  • The music will be “jaunty.” 🙂
  • Something will come up that necessitates the main character to go back home for a time. This usually involves a small town, and the reason is either an elderly relative who has taken a fall and needs assistance, or there is some business interest the main character’s company wants to take over.
  • It will take a while for the main character to relax once back at home, and this is reflected in the clothing and hair. When she arrives, she’s wearing a suit and heels, a tight bun, and struggling with her rolling suitcase. Throughout the movie, she will begin to wear sweaters, jeggings, and ankle boots, and she will literally let her hair down.
  • Everyone will drink a lot of hot cocoa.
  • She will either run into an old boyfriend who never left town or meet some sweet local man who helps her see what her life is missing.
  • Once she is finally enjoying herself and realizes she shouldn’t be with her uptight boyfriend in the city, he will inevitably show up and mess things up between her and the new guy.
  • The new guy will misunderstand all this and be sad, thinking the girl is staying with her uptight boyfriend.
  • The girl will have an extremely civil breakup with her uptight boyfriend, and neither of them says anything mean or wishes the other anything but the best that they surely deserve. 🙂
  • There is always some kind of misunderstanding with 30 minutes left in the movie.
  • But it all gets cleared up in the last 30 minutes, and the couple kisses at the last minute and everyone is happy.

What’s not to love here? 🙂

Hallmark Christmas MoviesAs I said, I know some people hate these movies for the very same reasons that I love them. If you are one of those who love Hallmark Christmas Movies, it’s your time!

(While we’re talking about Christmas, have you signed up to get your free Christmas Planner yet?)

Hallmark has made it so easy for us to participate in this movie-watching season. They have given us a movie-watching guide!! You can get your list of all the Hallmark Christmas Movies here.

It looks like we’re getting a double feature on all three days of Thanksgiving weekend!

You can watch previews of all the new upcoming movies here.

If you’re really hardcore, you can download the Hallmark Movie Checklist App. You can also download the widget in the app that will let you know the upcoming schedule and remind you that your movie is coming up.

My daughter used this in college. She was very busy and wanted to make sure she knew when the movies were coming on. Priorities. 🙂

I do want to mention that the Hallmark Channel has taken some heat over the past couple of years for its lack of representation of the gay community.

If you have young ones in your house and want to know what they are watching, just be forewarned that there now is DEFINITELY representation of the gay community in some of this channel’s movies.

This caused a bit of a ruckus among the talent you normally see on the Hallmark Channel, and quite a few of them left the network. They moved to the Great American Family Channel if your provider offers it. You will see a lot of familiar faces in the movies on this channel.

The Great American Family Channel also has a Christmas movie lineup which you can see on its homepage. They are premiering 18 new Christmas movies between now and Christmas. Here is a list of their upcoming movies:

The Great American Family Channel has stated that they are dedicated to providing family-friendly series and movies that celebrate family, faith, and country.

So. Do with all of that what you will. 🙂

If you’re like us and kinda live for this time of year, it’s here! Download your movie schedule and app of choice and let the watching begin! Do you already have this shirt? We do, and socks too. 🙂

Hallmark Christmas Movies

Don’t forget that in addition to all the new Hallmark Christmas Movies on the weekends, they are also showing a lot of the old favorites from previous years. What are your favorites? I’d love to know!

Hallmark Christmas Movies

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Hallmark Christmas Movies

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