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If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I love magnetic eyelashes. I have written about them in previous posts.

I’m not that adept at applying lashes that require glue and then placing the lashes, so magnetic ones are a quicker alternative.

BUT. Now there is a new kid on the block. This new system uses MAGNETIC EYELINER. Yes!

You apply the eyeliner, let it dry for about 30 seconds, then the lashes, which have magnets, stick to the eyeliner!

There are many different options out there, since these are all the rage. Just pick one you like and give them a try!

I tried this set of magnetic eyelashes by Glossmetics.

It contains 3 pair of lashes in everyday, date night, and glam thicknesses. It also contains the magnetic eyeliner and an applicator.

These were very easy to apply. Easier than the kind where you place the magnetic lashes on your actual lashes. The rub for me with this set is that I’m not very good at liquid eyeliner. 🙂

I will definitely need to get better at that before I can be more successful with these. I usually use a pencil if I wear eyeliner. More forgiving. 🙂

But my daughter is really good at liquid eyeliner, so we put these on her to show you how they look.

She applied the eyeliner, then let it dry for about 30 seconds, then placed the lash strip on the eyeliner. It adhered easily.

You can use your fingers or the tool that comes with the kit.

Here are the everyday lashes:

Magnetic lashes


Magnetic eyelashes

You have to make sure you get a good solid line of eyeliner on the full length of your lid so that the lashes stick all the way across.

Next, we tried the date night lashes, which are a bit thicker than the daytime look.

Magnetic lashes


Magnetic lashes

And lastly, the glam lashes. These are the longest and fullest of the three sets.

Magnetic lashes


Magnetic lashes

These lashes stay put nicely. I’ve seen women doing tests with them in videos online while using a blow dryer to see if they come off, and they don’t.

The liner is a bit “tackier” than regular eyeliner, and you are aware of it while wearing it, and it feels drier the longer you wear it.

It can take some getting used to. The lashes are not difficult to remove from the liner, and the liner comes off with makeup remover.

So if you’ve wanted to try false eyelashes, but don’t like the kind that uses adhesive, you might really like magnetic eyelashes.

And these latest options that use magnetic eyeliner make it even easier. Especially if you’re good at liquid eyeliner.

Give them a try. I’d love to know what you think!

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