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Last week I told you about the Christmas gift I got my husband, The Bartesian. This week I want to tell you about a gift I got–an LED Spa Mask.

LED Mask
Have you seen one of these? They look really scary. In fact, my husband thought I looked like something out of The Purge movie, and my dog was not having it. She barked at it with great alarm. I’m thinking of handing out candy next Halloween while wearing it. Costume, DONE! 🙂

LED Spa Mask

If you are not familiar with LED masks, they use light therapy to address all kinds of skin issues like acne, signs of aging, sun damage, and they can promote collagen production.

Light therapy has long been available at the dermatologist’s office, but now we can do it at home! The treatments available through a dermatologist are more intense, therefore only needed monthly or so, whereas these at-home masks are not as strong but can be used every day.

So I think it kind of all equals out. And it’s far more economical to do the treatments at home. Plus, you can binge watch your shows while you do it. Winning all the way around. 🙂


LED Mask

The mask I got has 150 LED lights and 7 colors. You can rotate among them, adjust the strength of each, and choose the length of each color session. Here is what the colors can do:

  • Red: activates collagen production
  • Blue: can control acne with its antibacterial properties
  • Green: improves pigmentation, reduces fine lines, and can aid in wound healing
  • Yellow: soothes redness and promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Purple: improves lymph metabolism and can reduce scarring
  • White: accelerates tissue metabolism and can tighten sagging skin
  • Light blue: soothes skin and enhances cell energy

I asked for this for Christmas, and was so excited that I actually got it! I started using it right away and have used it most evenings since Christmas. It is a really relaxing way to end the day. I usually always try to be doing something, so to have to sit on the couch and just relax with this mask on is not terrible. 🙂

You turn the mask on, and it starts with the red color. You can then decide how long you want to wear the color (5-60 minutes), and what intensity you want (1-5). I gave some thought to how to do this.

Did I want to wear one color for about 30 minutes per night, choosing a different color each night? Or did I want to cycle through the entire color spectrum every night, at about 10 minutes each?

I decided to do each color every night for 10 minutes each. That is a bit over an hour commitment, but as I said, it’s kind of nice to be forced to just sit for an hour. And even though it is a longer process than just doing one color for 30 minutes each night, the total time I’m exposed to each color is longer for the week by doing each color for 10 minutes per night if I do it several nights a week.

The instructions say to use the mask at least three times per week for visible results. So you can do what works for you and your schedule.

The mask is very large, and there is a strap to pull over your head to keep it on, and there is rubber around the eye openings so that it fits securely and the lights don’t shine in your eyes. Those two little nodules on the forehead keep the mask from sitting right on your face. They place a bit of distance between your face and the mask.

LED Mask

Just make sure your face is freshly cleaned, put it on, and relax! It isn’t uncomfortable to wear. It is kind of bulky, but it isn’t heavy.

I’ve only had my LED mask for a couple of weeks, so I think it’s too soon to see anything too major, but I already notice that for some reason my face is much softer since using it. Everyone around here is having a lot of fun at my expense with how frightening I look while I’m wearing it, but I don’t really care. If a month from now I have a glowy complexion, they can hate all they want to. 🙂

If you’ve ever been interested in light therapy, I encourage you to give one of these LED Spa Masks a try. They are much more affordable than going to the spa or dermatologist for treatments, and you can use it whenever you want, for as long as you want. And starting off the new year with some forced downtime is never a bad thing! 🙂

Have you tried LED light therapy? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section!

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