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We have a shortened Christmas season this year, with Thanksgiving being so late. So it is time for a holiday gift guide! Mix up some hot chocolate and settle in for some ideas for everyone on your list!

Let’s get started!

For Him:

Caswell-Massey – Presidential Soap Collection

You just can’t go wrong with these delicious-smelling soaps. The Presidential Collection includes three different scents: Number Six, which was George Washington’s favorite, Almond Cold Cream, favored by Dwight Eisenhower, and Jockey Club, the choice of John F. Kennedy. If you prefer one scent over another, you can also order 3-bar sets of one scent. These soaps are very high quality and last much longer than regular soap.

Holiday Bow Ties from Vineyard Vines

Holiday Gift Guide

Everything from Vineyard Vines is wonderful. If bow ties aren’t his thing, they also have holiday neckties.

They also have sports team shirts with their famous saying “Everything Should Feel This Good.”

Holiday Gift Guide

And speaking of sports…

Tickets to a favorite sporting event

Holiday Gift Guide

Flask Mittens

Tailgaters will LOVE these! I got these for my brother a few years ago and he said everyone at the football games thinks these are genius. He has even had a guy try to buy them right off his hands! 🙂


Set of Beverage Chilling Stones

These stones are very effective at chilling his favorite drink without diluting it the way ice does. Just chill them, and add them to a favorite drink.


For Her:

Leather Texting & Touch Screen Gloves

No need to stop using her phone just because it’s cold! These cashmere and wool-lined texting gloves let her use her phone in warmth and style. Cashmere! 🙂 And they come in 14 beautiful colors!


Limited Edition KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Holiday Gift Guide

If there’s a gal in your life who does NOT feel marginalized by receiving something amazing for her kitchen, (pick me! :)) this KitchenAid Mixer is a great choice! I am OBSESSED with this version. Look at that hobnail BOWL.

I have had the same KitchenAid Mixer for literally decades. These things are workhorses and do not die. Which is unfortunate because that means I can’t be in the market for a new one so that I could get this one. I LOVE mine because you can do so many things with it. Definitely a multitasker. Just like her. 🙂

And if you really want to feel like you’re not living up to your baking potential with your KitchenAid mixer, take a peek at these adorable cookies that look like vintage kitchenware. That stand mixer cookie is too pretty to eat.


Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine

I know that Keurig machines are ubiquitous in every office break room, but I’m here to tell you that stuff is prison hooch compared to better options like a Tassimo or Nespresso machine. We have both and LOVE them. There are so many choices for pods in delicious flavors. You can’t go wrong with either one. The Nespresso machine takes up less room. They’re so tiny! Just what she might need for her she-shed. 🙂


At-Home Pedicure Assistant

Holiday Gift Guide

Now, I wish this meant an actual PERSON who would follow me around as an at-home pedicure assistant, but alas, that is not this. 🙂 But this is not a bad second. This little gizmo slips under a couch or chair cushion, angling the foot perfectly for that new polish color she’s been waiting to try!


For Kids:

Flushin’ Frenzy Game

Okay. This one is gross, I know. But we all know kids love gross. With this game, you “flush” the toilet, which dispenses a dicepiece which tells you how many times to plunge the toilet with the included plunger. You might plunge enough times to eject the little smiling piece of poop, or you might not. You never know how many plunges will cause the poop to fly out. I watched some kids play with this and there was plenty of shrieking involved. 🙂


In case you haven’t heard, Blue’s Clues is BACK! My daughter watched this show every single day when she was little. We had the Thinking Chair. The Notebook for the clues. The Mailbox. Everything.

I was a little dubious about the reboot, because the original was pretty much perfection. But we watched it when she was home from college for Thanksgiving and she said she loved it. It did make me nostalgic just hearing all those songs again. So if you know a child, (or a 20-something who loved the original), Blue’s Clues is always a good idea!


Anything from Frozen

In case you’ve been under a rock, the Frozen sequel is here. 🙂 So anything from the movie would be a big hit. I know all the girls choose team Elsa or Anna, but I’m partial to Olaf myself. 🙂 How about this Olaf Waffle Maker? Some breakfasts are worth melting for…



Anything Baby Shark. Sorry parents, I’m sure you’re SICK of that song, and I can’t tell you how happy I am my daughter aged out of kid stuff before this ear worm came along. 🙂 But Baby Shark is a kid fave.



And this one might be more for the parents of young children, a Portable Bed.

Holiday Gift Guide

It’s inflatable, so it’s easy to pack, and the raised sides keep a child from rolling out. It deflates to about the size of a sleeping bag and comes with a carrying bag. Great for travel, camping, or when you need a spare bed.


For Teens:

Inflatable Lounge with Ottoman

Fun for hanging out with friends, watching TV, or playing games. Or napping!


Bath Bomb Making Kit with 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Holiday Gift Guide

“Make Your Own” parties are always fun. This kit makes bath bomb “cupcakes.” What’s not to love? 🙂


Mermaid Tail Blanket

Is anyone besides me more than just a little miffed that they are not an ACTUAL mermaid? 🙂 This is the closest we’re going to get with this fun mermaid tail blanket.


Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gaming with a keyboard enhances the whole experience. The backlit keys make it usable at night and if my nephews are any indication, there’s a whole lot of gaming that goes on well into the wee hours of darkness. 🙂


Monkey Nail Polish Blower Dryer

I might just need one of these myself. 🙂 Place your hands on the little banana plate and the battery operated monkey blows air to dry your nails.

Hair Tie Bracelet

Do you know someone who always wears a hair tie around their wrist? Because a gal never knows when a quick ponytail change-up will be necessary. How about one of these bracelets that holds the hair tie, looking ever so stylish in the process?


Gift Cards. Not super creative, but teens love them. That way they can get what they want. So if you’ve got a particularly hard one to buy for, you can’t go wrong with gift cards. I myself have been known to greatly appreciate Starbucks gift cards. 🙂


For College Students:

Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

Have you seen these things? I saw some kids demonstrating them at a trade show in Vegas last spring. They are super easy to inflate. Just hold them at the opening and kind of whip them around in the air, letting them fill. Then close the opening. No pump needed. They come in lots of colors and stay inflated for several hours. Space is at a premium for college students, so anything that can save space is a good idea. When they are done using it, they can just deflate it and store it in a bag.


Vineyard Vines Christmas Shirt

Holiday Gift Guide


College students love Vineyard Vines. They put out cute shirts for every holiday. Get them an annual Christmas shirt! If they want something they can wear all year, go with a Shep Shirt.


Restaurant and movie gift cards: Eating on campus can get old. Find out what restaurants are in their college town and give them some gift cards so they can eat out when they get back to school. Same with movies. A night away from campus can be a welcome diversion.


PajamaGram Hoodie-Footie Gray Varsity Onesie Pajamas

It’s about time somebody figured out that we shouldn’t age out of wearing onesies after we stop being babies. 🙂


Lava Buns

Heated seat for those cold sporting events! Just heat up the gel pack and you can lava up your buns while everyone else is freezing! 🙂


Versillo Travel Pillow

Great for students who attend college out of state. Those flights can be long. This can help them catch a little sleep. This pillow was created by a young girl who thought there had to be a better way. It folds many different ways so you can lay it flat, flip up the little flap for resting your head to one side or the other, support your back, and you can even prop up a device on it.

Hey, they might even use it for those naps in the library. No judgment.  🙂


Hostess Gifts:

Coaster Set

Hostesses will appreciate an interesting coaster set that guests can use to protect all the fine surfaces in the home.


Dripless Candles

Holidays are full of candlelight and everyone can use more candles! These are not just any candles. They are dripless. We have these and use them often. I don’t know really how to describe them other than to say it’s as though they burn from the inside out. As they burn, tiny holes form at the top and it looks as if the wax just funnels down through the holes. They do not drip, which every busy hostess will appreciate!


Key Shape Bottle Opener

These are an elegant alternative to traditional bottle openers. Alcohol flows freely during holiday parties, so this is a lovely gift for a hostess. They usually are sold in sets, so you can purchase a set and keep them on hand for that quick gift for those impromptu invites you get during the holidays. Just box them up in a lovely box, and maybe throw in a corkscrew and you’re out the door!


Ferrero Rocher Mega Grand

Everyone loves these festive candies, and who wouldn’t want a gift where you can eat the candy inside AND the giant candy it comes in? 🙂


Paper Table Placemats

I LOVE disposable placemats. They come in so many festive designs and come in a pack so all you have to do is tear off the number you need and you’re halfway there to setting a holiday table. You could go with a Christmas theme, or match the colors of the hostess’s home so she can use them all throughout the year.

Hostesses might need a bottle of wine or three to make it through the holiday season. 🙂 How about a lovely way to collect all those corks? This hot air balloon wire cage fits the bill. They have lots of other designs too!

Holiday Gift Guide

Some other ideas:

  • Breakfast for the next morning: Put together a gift she’ll be so thankful for the morning after the party. In a gift basket put her favorite coffee or tea, milk, sugar, orange juice, scones, butter, and marmalade. Put it all in a cello bag and tie a festive ribbon.
  • Luxury toiletries: You can also give her a spa experience to relax after the party: scented bar soaps, bath salts, bath gel, lotion, candles, and tea bags.


And for those people on your list where the only gift choice is an ugly Christmas sweater or funny shirt, check out the fun stuff at Ugly Christmas Sweater:


Or check out the snark over at 21Threads. 🙂


And don’t forget about those folks who help you throughout the year, like babysitters, the mailman, your hairdresser, teachers, and anyone who makes your life easier. They would appreciate a gift card or a baked good in a beautiful package.


And if you want a Christmas printable for yourself, check out my Printable Shop! There are lots of fun ones to choose from.


Happy shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide

Have a wonderful holiday season, and don’t forget to check out Pinterest. It’s nuts over there this time of year! 🙂


Holiday Gift Guide







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