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It’s graduation season again, and while many college graduations have already happened or are about to, high school graduation ceremonies are about to be in full swing. Even if you aren’t even able to attend the ceremony, you can still get the new grad in your life a great gift!

I’ve put together a few graduation gift ideas to get your wheels turning.

For a young woman breaking barriers, how about a Glass Ceiling Necklace?

Graduation Gift Ideas


Do you know an indecisive grad? This fun paperweight can help them take more decisive action.

Graduation Gift Ideas


Often when starting out after graduation we can feel insecure and unsure of where we are and where we are headed. Wouldn’t it be fun to write letters to our future self?

This set of twelve letter prompts allows your graduate to write down how they are feeling and what they hope for.

Some of the prompts include:

  • “I promise to myself…”
  • “A pep talk to my future self…”
  • “All the things I’d like to try someday…”

And more. It’s a great momento and will surely provide for entertaining reading later on!


Starting a new chapter of life can be challenging and it can be tempting to give up sometimes. But that can’t happen. How about a paperweight to remind you to keep going? Winston Churchill would know a little about going through hell. 🙂Graduation Gift Ideas

Is your new grad going far away for college or moving away to start a new job? Or might they be separated from a significant other? These unique Long Distant Touch Bracelet Sets are a fun way to stay in (literal) touch.

Each person wears one, and when thinking of the other person, just send them a message that you are thinking of them by touching one bracelet. Their bracelet will light up and vibrate. They can then touch their bracelet to send a light and vibration back.

Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduating can be stressful. It’s enough to make anyone a little anxious. How about a weighted blanket?

These blankets have been shown to help reduce anxiety and promote calmness and more restful sleep. They come in many colors and weights.

Sometimes graduates live in small spaces after college. Space is at a premium and many people work from home. I really like this stylish space-saving Sawyer desk from Crate and Barrel. You can also purchase additional pieces to create a custom arrangement.

graduation gifts


Sometimes it can feel like we are losing our way when we are young. A lovely reminder for a grad facing new situations is this compass bracelet to help them always remember their True North.

graduation gifts


If you know a graduate leaving for college, a cookbook like The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook can help students make easy and flavorful meals that don’t require any fancy equipment.

Not only does the book provide recipes, but also tips for buying groceries while saving money.

This is also a great book for students who have recently graduated from college and starting out the next chapter of their life. They don’t always have time or space to prepare complicated meals.


When starting out on our own, managing money can be overwhelming. The sooner we get a handle on how to manage our finances, the better. A book to teach the graduate how to budget can get them started on the right foot. This Wall Street Journal Bestseller is a great choice.

Graduation Gifts

It breaks budgeting down into four easy-to-digest rules:

  1. Give Every Dollar A Job. Be intentional about what you want your money to do before you spend it.
  2. Embrace Your True Expenses. Break up larger, less frequent expenses into smaller, more manageable amounts. By saving monthly for insurance premiums, holidays, or car repairs, when the time comes, your money is ready and waiting to do its job.
  3. Roll With The Punches. When life changes, so must your budget. Make adjustments and move along. Flexible budgets succeed because they’re guilt-free, realistic, and sustainable.
  4. Age Your Money. As you repeat the first three rules, you’ll increase the time between the moment you earn a dollar and the moment you need to spend it. When your money is at least a month old, you’ll have finally broken the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle for good.


And finally, adulting requires an upgrade in equipment. Those red Solo cups from the sticky frat parties have to go. Replace it with a far classier copper version! 🙂

Graduation Gifts

And unlike other types of popular copper cups, these are stackable, which saves space in the new grad’s living space!

So these are some ideas I think would make great gifts for any new grad.

How about you? Do you have some graduation gift ideas? I’d love for you to share them in the comments.

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Graduation Gift Ideas

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