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It’s Back to School time for many students around the country. Some still have a little bit of summer vacation left, but around here many started this week.

Are you familiar with Escape Rooms? Usually, they are a business you have to go to and you are given puzzles to solve within a certain amount of time in order to escape.

I thought it would be fun to create an Escape Room for children that can be done at home, a party, a sleepover, or in the classroom. So I created one for this time of year called a Back to School Escape Room.

back to school escape room


It comes with everything you need to have a fun activity right in your own home! It is a digital download delivered right to your inbox. All you do is print it out, follow the instructions, and let the fun begin!


This Back to School Escape Room has nine puzzles that allow children to work together in teams or as individuals, using thinking critical skills to solve word and number puzzles.

This activity involves a story about a child who is anxious about starting school and with the help of a magic fairy named Flora, enters the world of a magic backpack where puzzles must be solved to get to the next quest.

This particular Escape Room is geared toward children ages 7-12, and basic math and reading skills are needed.

There are word puzzles:

Number puzzles:

back to school escape room

Directional puzzles:

And lots more!

There are nine puzzles in all that the children must solve to get a clue from each one which will provide them with a code to solve the puzzle.

There are hint cards that can be used at the beginning of each puzzle, or you can wait to see if anyone needs help before using them.

There is an answer sheet that gives the parent the answer to each puzzle, as well as instructions on how to coordinate the activity.

There are answer recording sheets, where each child or group will record their answers.


You don’t have to use props to have your Back to School Escape Room party, but there are a few included to get you started!

This is a great activity to play with children right before school starts to help them feel more comfortable.


  • PDF game guide (8.5 x 11)
  • 9 puzzle challenges
  • Recording sheet
  • Set up instructions
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Hint Cards and Prop Signs

Gameplay: 30-60 minutes

You can set a timer if you wish. Some children love trying to beat the clock, so you can decide if you want to have a timer or not.

Another thing that may add to your fun is to add a lock that the children have to use their final secret code to unlock. You could put the lock on a small cabinet or box that has prizes or maybe some fun school supplies inside for the winners.

I got this one on Amazon for my group that played the Escape Room. It is programmable, which you would do using the final code when setting up your game. If you get a different one, just make sure it is programmable with four numbers, as the final code is four digits.

If a Back to School Escape Room doesn’t suit your needs, I have others coming up soon for all the upcoming holidays, so stay tuned!

As one of my wonderful subscribers, I have a promo code for you so you can get the Back to School Escape Room for just $10. Simply use promo code BTS10 at the checkout.

If you host a Back to School Escape Room party, please let me know how it went! I’d love to hear your stories and see pictures!

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back to school escape room



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