Back in March, Amazon launched its own line of skincare products called Belei, which is a combination of the words “believe” and “beauty.” The line features twelve products, all priced under $40.

Amazon SkincareThere are cleansers, masks, serums, and moisturizers. There are lots of reviews and they are favorable.

Shortly thereafter, Amazon launched another line of products called WorksBeauty, which has only four products, and claims to be fast acting. The products were developed by Johnson & Johnson and include a shea cream, a retinol complex, a clay mask, and vitamin C capsules. That’s it.

Amazon Skincare
Proven results in record time. Guaranteed. They had me at “proven results.” And “record time.” And “guaranteed.”  So is any of it true?


I have not tried the Belei line, but was intrigued by the WorksBeauty line’s claim of rapid results. Most skincare products claim to take at least four weeks to see results. The WorksBeauty line says you will see visible results in two to four weeks. I decided to try a few products from the line for myself. I chose the vitamin C capsules and the retinol complex.

The vitamin C capsules are to be used once or twice a day and claim to “brighten dark spots, correct skin tone, and reveal visibly radiant and firm skin.” It says 94% of testers saw brighter skin. This product is priced at $34 and the package contains 14 packets, each containing one capsule.

Amazon Skincare

If used twice a day, those 14 capsules will only last you a week. At $34 a box, that’s pretty pricey at $136 for a monthly supply. I chose to only use a capsule once a day or every other day to prolong my supply. If the stuff works fast, I felt I would still see some results in a couple of weeks.

To use the capsules, you simply open the package, twist the top off of the capsule, squeeze the product into your hand, and apply it to your face.

Amazon Skincare

I really liked the consistency of the product. It is very silky and goes on effortlessly.

The Retinol Complex comes in a tube and is priced at $68. It claims to target the first signs of aging, and is proven to visibly lift, firm, & enhance skin tone and texture. It says 93% of testers saw fewer fine lines and firmer skin. It is described as 3x more potent than other leading brands.

Amazon Skincare

Retinol is pure Vitamin A and must be used carefully. The product instructions suggest using a very small amount only a couple of times a week, gradually working up to more regular use. If you overuse Retinol you can find yourself with a very irritated face. Some of that stuff can eat your skin off and leave you with some nasty rough patches. It is recommended to use Retinol at night, and to apply sunscreen when going out during the day. (Which we are supposed to be doing every day anyway.)

So go easy with any Retinol product. I followed the instructions and used sparingly, gradually working up to using it daily. I did not experience any irritation whatsoever.

Even though I didn’t try them, the Shea Cream claims to hydrate, moisturize, and eliminate dry skin conditions, with 100% of testers experiencing softer, more supple skin.

Amazon's Skincare Line

The Clay Mask claims to detoxify, cool, purify, and restore moisture to skin, with 97% of testers reporting healthier looking skin after use.

Amazon's Skincare Line

I used both the Vitamin C capsules and the Retinol Complex consistently for over a month, which should be plenty of time to see the proven results in record time.

I did not see any startling results from either product. I didn’t see any negative effects, but nothing overly dramatic either. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve yet to experience just amazing quick results from any product I’ve used, and I’ve always wondered if it’s because my skin is in its “this is as good as it gets” condition, or if it’s because I’ve always used a skincare routine that I’m just not that far gone yet. I am going with the latter. 🙂 I really don’t have any major issues unless you count the devastation that comes from watching the firmness of one’s skin give way on a nearly daily basis. 🙁

I know this product is “guaranteed,” meaning I can get a refund if I did not see these proven results the products claim to provide. I will probably not request a refund yet because as I said, I didn’t see any negative results from the products, and I’m still using the Retinol Complex, so I am going to wait and see if I see any improvement with prolonged use.

I am a little curious as to why there are so few reviews of these products on Amazon. Usually when girls find something they like, they shout it from the rooftops. Not the case here. There are really scant reviews, like maybe FOUR, and they are mixed. Only four people have tried these products? I doubt that. Only four felt compelled to write a review?

It is my experience that people usually only write reviews when they are really happy with something, or really unhappy. So is it possible that others are still trying the product out, waiting to evaluate the results, or are they like me, in the “definitely not bad, but not amazing either” category? I’m not sure.

So after my use of these products I would say that I will probably not repurchase. There are products on the market that are much less expensive that do have rave reviews. I am hearing really good things about a company called The Ordinary, which sells a wide range of products at VERY reasonable prices. Their products are available through their website, as well as Sephora and Amazon. So they are next on my list.

Have you tried the new Amazon skincare lines? Do you have a favorite skincare line that you feel offers tangible results? If so, please feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

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Amazon's Skincare Line


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