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I am always amused when something you already are or do is happened upon by some Insta-fluencer, who deems it cool and suddenly you’re having a moment. :)

That is certainly the case with the latest internet sensation–The Coastal Grandmother.

Have you heard about it? It’s an aesthetic that is best found in any Nancy Meyers movie, Diane Keaton in general, and involves an easy style that includes breezy linens, chunky sweaters, and sophisticated neutrals.

Now, I am only coastal-adjacent and am in no hurry to be anyone’s grandmother, but this is a vibe that speaks to me.

Apparently, you don’t have to be coastal, a grandmother, or even a woman to embody this style, as some of the standard-bearers cited as exemplifying the look are only some or none of those things.

Ina Garten. Not a grandmother. Oprah Winfrey. Not a grandmother. I’ve even heard Stanley Tucci touted as a Coastal Grandmother. :)

I’m sorry, but that fabulous man is no one’s grandmother. :) (By the way, the second season of his addictive show, Searching for Italy, is now airing on Sunday nights on CNN. Catch it if you can, if only to listen to him talk for an hour.)

So just what are we talking about here? If you’ve ever seen The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give or It’s Complicated then it’s everything in those movies.

Turtlenecks. Chic eyewear. (Oprah wins that game every day.)  Le Creuset Cookware. Anything linen. Charcuterie boards. Espadrilles. Golden retrievers. Farmhouse decor. Straw hats and totes for mornings spent at the Farmer’s Market. Heirloom tomatoes. Lots of jute. 9 hours of sleep a night. Expensive sea salt and the GOOD olive oil. :) Hefty coffee table books. Hydrangeas. Detergents from The Laundress. Wooden board games. Adirondack chairs. Homes that look like a Serena and Lily catalog.

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Get the picture?

This whole thing really speaks to me because I’m already doing some of it, especially with the clothing. My only two hard and fast fashion rules are: It can’t constrict and it can’t itch. That’s it. :)

One of my favorite clothiers is Tuckernuck, and they’ve gotten on board and even curated an entire collection of looks to help you embrace your inner and outer Coastal Grandmother.

Coastal Grandmother

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I already have this sweater AND those sunglasses. :)


Coastal Grandmother

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Coastal Grandmother

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These are just a few examples of the look. Additional style elements include:

Le Creuset anything:


The expensive sea salt:


And the good olive oil:

Coastal Grandmother


Wooden board games:


Charcuterie boards:

Coastal Grandmother


And Adirondack chairs:

So really this Coastal Grandmother thing is all about comfortable, sophisticated, unfussy living. You may already be one and just didn’t know it. :)

All of these elements just seem like classic good taste to me, which never goes out of style. The fact that the TikTok crowd just now happened to notice is their loss. It’s a lovely way to live.

So if you’d like to become a Coastal Grandmother, hopefully, you now have some ideas on how to embody the lifestyle. If you have been one your whole life and weren’t even aware a millennial noticed you and made you relevant for a minute, it’s happening! :) Enjoy the short ride, because they’ll be on to something else in a week or so.

Then you can pull on your comfy linen pants and espadrilles and head back out for your walk on the beach in peace. :)

That’s the great thing about being a Coastal Grandmother. All of this is not a trend. It’s a LIFESTYLE. Whether anyone notices what you do or not is irrelevant. You’re too busy enjoying yourself.

Are you a Coastal Grandmother? Do you want to be? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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Coastal Grandmother




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