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There are a lot of things I hate about having to wear a face mask, but the thing that is making me the most crazy right now is that I wear glasses. When I wear a face mask with my glasses, they fog up.

Our governor recently enacted a statewide mandate for face masks. So combine that with the fact that I live in a hot, humid climate, and my glasses are fogged up pretty much the whole time I’m outside of the house. 🙁

So I recently had to whip out my Bunny Eyez glasses to see if I could make them work with a face mask.

A while back I wrote a blog about Bunny Eyez, which are flexible readers and the two sisters who invented them named them after their mother Bunny, but they say “these are not your mother’s reading glasses.” I got The Ruthie and I love them!

Face Mask with Glasses

You can flip the temples on these glasses several different ways to suit what you’re doing at the time.

You can flip both temples down in order to read while getting your hair colored or while wearing a facial mask.

Face Mask and Glasses

You can tilt the frames down so that you can lie down and still read.

Face Mask and Glasses

You can flip just one temple so that you can comfortably lie on one side while reading or watching TV.

Face Mask and Glasses

You just will want to play with these and see what works for you. I have found that my favorite way to wear them is by tilting the frames down so that I can read a book or recipe and still look over them to see long distances.

I can’t remember the word my daughter used to describe how she thought I looked while wearing the Bunny Eyez this way, but we’ll go with “deranged.”  I am okay with that if it allows me to do what I need to do. 🙂

The glasses come with a little instruction card that shows you the ways you can wear them.

Face Mask and Glasses

There are several different styles from which to choose, and you can choose the strength, as well. There is a glossy red.
Face Mask and Glasses

And the Raquel. Cute for those who love cat eye glasses.

There’s the Sophie.

The Anna.

And other fun styles. And don’t think they forgot about the guys! They have men’s frames too, called Bunny Eyez Guyz.

There’s the Jacob.

Innovative Eyewear: Bunny Eyez

And the Harrison.

Innovative Eyewear: Bunny Eyez

And the Charles.

Innovative Eyewear: Bunny Eyez


And they also have women’s sunglasses! They call them Sunnyz.

There’s the Anna.

Innovative Eyewear: Bunny Eyez

The Sophie.

Innovative Eyewear: Bunny Eyez

And the Bunny.

Innovative Eyewear: Bunny Eyez

And the best part about the sunglasses is that you can also get them without any strength in the lenses. That way even if you don’t need readers you can still look cool outside flipping your glasses all around to suit your needs. Check out the Bunny with no strength in the lenses. Super cute!

Innovative Eyewear: Bunny Eyez

There is a tutorial on the Bunny Eyez website that shows you all the different ways to wear the glasses.

So now that you get the gist of these glasses, on to the face mask issue.

If you wear glasses, you know what I’m talking about. The warm air from breathing with a face mask on floats up and fogs up your glasses. It’s REALLY driving me crazy.

I have been wearing a regular surgical-type face mask with my glasses. Fogging is a problem. My husband gave me a KN95 face mask. That worked a little better because it’s a bit tighter seal against your face, but still foggy.

So last week at the grocery store I took my Bunny Eyez glasses to wear with my face mask. This was me, like that snooty kangaroo from Horton Hears a Who, hopping from aisle to aisle: 🙂

Face Mask and Glasses

That worked really well, although it was a little tedious because I also had a grocery list, so holding that, a pen to mark off my purchases, and my glasses was a little clunky.

But, NO FOG! 🙂

So perhaps the grocery store isn’t the best place to use this system unless you just walk through the store without a list. Then it works great.

But for everyday situations where you need to wear a face mask and glasses, the Bunny Eyez are a great option.

If you do need your hands free, maybe try this: My daughter said she heard it helps to line the top of the inside of your face mask with a strip of tissue.This helps trap the warm air a bit better and keep it from drifting up onto your glasses.

I tried that today, and while still not completely perfect, it was much better with the fog situation.

So I think I’ll use that method for places like the grocery store where I need my hands free and can’t hold my glasses like that kangaroo. But for other places where I don’t, and just need my glasses to see what I’m looking at, the Bunny Eyez with the mask is my new method.

According to the website, and depending on when you are reading this, you receive a free mask with your purchase of the glasses, while supplies last.

So how about you? If you wear glasses and have figured out how to wear them with a face mask without them fogging up, please share in the comment section!

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