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We like to make our own Christmas cards. Sometimes we use stamp pads and inks, sometimes we take a family picture, sometimes we even use paint sample cards from the hardware store to make our cards! :)  This year we decided to use washi tape!

Washi Tape Christmas Cards

These could not be easier to make, or more fun. We decided we wanted to use metallic cards and washi tape to make them. We bought cards in gold, silver, and rose gold:

Washi Tape Christmas Cards

And metallic festive washi tape:

Washi Tape Christmas Cards

My daughter decided she would decorate the outside of the cards, and I would decorate the inside. She just mixed the washi tape colors and thicknesses to create Christmas trees.

She used a thin strip to create the tree trunk and then used various thicker sizes to make the branches. Then a stick-on star to top the tree.

She made gold cards:

Washi Tape Christmas Cards

Silver cards:

Washi Tape Christmas Cards

Rose gold cards:

Washi Tape Christmas Card

And white cards:

Washi Tape Christmas Cards

For the inside, we used stickers to put greetings and decorations.

Washi Tape Christmas Cards



I just mixed and matched to create the inside of the cards.

Then we used metallic stickers to seal the envelopes:

These were so easy and fun to make. Just put on some Christmas music, make some hot chocolate, and start making your own Washi Tape Christmas Cards!

Sure, you can send out store-bought cards. There’s not a thing wrong with that. We’ve done that in years where it’s just too crazy to do otherwise.

But if you could use some fun and therapeutic activities to get you in the Christmas spirit, crafting can be very meditative and calming. I encourage you to unleash your creative side and just have fun!

I’d love to see your handiwork if you decide to make your own Christmas cards. Send me pictures!

And if you need a little help planning your Christmas activities, I’d love to send you a free Christmas planner!



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