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I told you last fall that I am obsessed with the little felt birds from Target. I had such fun during the fall and the holidays posing them around my house and I was sad to put them away recently. But never fear–the Spring Target Birds are here!

As I mentioned before, it all started for me with a little seagull I picked up last summer on a whim. My daughter said, “You do know they have those birds for every season, right?” No, I did NOT know that. 🙂

So I remedied that really quickly by getting all the birds for fall and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Last week my daughter texted me, “The new Target birds are out.” Yippee!

I had to make a Target run this past week anyway, so I ran straight for the Easter section to find my new friends.

Spring Targe Birds

Aren’t they cute? My favorite is the one on top of the books. His name is Truffle and he is a botanist. 🙂 The one in the bunny suit is named Tuft.

I got the big pink bunny from Walmart and I was hoping to get a bunch of Spring Target Birds to create a summoning circle of sorts around the bunny, but there were slim pickings. The shelves were sadly already picked over. I’m telling you, everyone loves these little birds.

I got two of the Walmart bunnies and put one of them on another side table with some other bunny pieces I’ve had forever.

The little bunny with the egg is also part of the collection. I really wanted a set that included a snail and a mushroom, but that was sold out. I was lamenting this to my husband and we looked on eBay and found them! Of course, they were a bit more expensive than Target’s price but he said, “Well, you have to get them.” He gets me. 🙂

Spring Target Birds

I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can add them to my set.

So let’s take a look at this season’s lineup so you can run and get yours!

There is a blue butterfly bird:

Spring Target Birds

There is the botanist bird that I was able to get:

The bunny bird, which I was also able to find:

And a pink ladybug bird:

Spring Target Birds

And in addition to the bunny and egg set I got and the snail and mushroom that I ordered, there is also a frog and mushroom set:

And a bee with a sunflower:

And a bunny with an egg:

There are other little items you can get too, like bottlebrush trees in spring colors, and pom pom garlands.

So you can easily add a touch of spring to your home with these Spring Target Birds!

If you get yours, I’d love to see how you decorate with them. Send me pictures!

And I’d love for you to follow me on Pinterest!

Spring Target Birds


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