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If you live a low-carb lifestyle, you know one of the things that has to go is stuff that is loaded with sugar. So, almost everything. 🙂

You will miss eating sweet treats. Candy bars are a thing of the past. Or are they?

I recently tried Choc Zero’s Rhea Bars. I wondered if this candy bar would satisfy the cravings we have for a sweet treat.

rhea bar

Choc Zero is a family-owned chocolate factory in California that creates all kinds of delicious treats with no sugar or sugar alcohols. I have tried a lot of their products and they are all very good.

The one thing that makes me sad is that living in Texas, I can only order from Choc Zero from about November to March. Any other month of the year will result in a very melted shipment. Learned that the hard way. 🙂

The Rhea Bar is a keto peanut caramel candy bar. Their website and lots of the reviews liken it to a Snickers bar. I LOVE Snickers and was hoping this was the perfect dupe.

It is not. Is very delicious all on its own, but it doesn’t taste like a Snickers bar to me. Not necessarily a bad thing, I just didn’t find it to taste like a Snickers.

Here are the nutrition stats for the Rhea Bar:

So net carbs come in at 4g. Much better than a traditional candy bar. It is sweetened with monk fruit.

One of the things I was concerned about but pleasantly surprised by after trying it was that it did not upset my stomach. Many of the sweet products that use alternative sweeteners really mess with my digestive tract.

I can’t eat any of the Atkins candies. I have tried many of them and while they all taste very good, they are brutal on my digestive tract. Many of them use erythritol, which can be difficult for some to work with. I appear to be one of those people.

That may not be a bad thing for me, as the news has been full of stories lately raising concerns about erythritol. So maybe it’s good that I can’t eat it.

The trick with eating keto or low-carb is to try different things in low quantities to see how you tolerate them. Baking and sweets use all kinds of crazy stuff like coconut and almond flours, allulose and monk fruit, and other types of sweeteners to try to mimic the sugary version.

You just have to go low and slow and try them out to see how your body reacts to different products and ingredients. It’s a process.

If you read the review of this product, you will see that some folks did have gastro issues with these bars. So you just never know. I’m glad these work for me.

I was excited to try this Rhea Bar because I do love candy bars and miss eating them. I ordered several boxes of them back in March before the heat set in. I wanted to have plenty in case I liked them. 🙂

And I really do. They have a really good peanut and chocolate and caramel flavor and the texture is also good. They don’t have any weird aftertaste. And they aren’t “waxy” like some low-carb chocolate products are.

My husband ate a few, not knowing they were low-carb, and I figured this out while wondering why my stash was disappearing. 🙂 He said he really liked them and would eat one after he came back from cycling. He really notices when something has an aftertaste and said these bars do not.

If you like eating candy bars and are trying to limit your sugar intake, I really encourage you to seek out alternatives to traditional sugary candy bars. These Rhea Bars by Choc Zero are a wonderful swap. You should really give them a try.

They do go out of stock frequently, so when you find them in stock, load up, because they are tasty! 🙂

Do you have a favorite low-carb treat? I’d love to know about it. I’m always on the hunt!

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Rhea Bars


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