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Is it summer yet? :) The unofficial start of summer is almost here. It is definitely hot around here, and maybe where you are, too. Could you use a refreshing cocktail? How about a Key Lime Pie Martini?

Key Lime Pie Martini

My daughter thought we should make these so I put her in charge of the mixology. You don’t need a lot of ingredients for this one. All you need are:

  • Vanilla vodka
  • Key lime juice
  • Whipped cream
  • Graham cracker crumbs

Key Lime Pie Martini

Our governor, bless him, and because he knows his constituents, :) declared liquor stores to be essential businesses at the start of this whole pandemic, so we were able to easily find what we needed. If you can’t find the Key Lime juice at your local store, you can order it online. We made this drink a couple of times.

In the first round, we did:

  • 2 ounces of vanilla vodka
  • 1 ounce of Key Lime juice
  • Whipped cream to taste

Fill a martini shaker with ice, then add all the ingredients. Shake to combine.


Pour into martini glasses rimmed with graham cracker crumbs.

We made this version first but found the drink too tart for our taste. If you like a good lime pucker, you may prefer this version. So the next time we made them, we cut the lime juice in half. And added more whipped cream. Because you can never have too much whipped cream. :)

Also, the first time we made them, we dipped the martini glasses in the lime juice, then the graham cracker crumbs. This gave quite a tart bite to each sip, so the next round, we dipped the glasses in the vanilla vodka, then the graham cracker crumbs. MUCH better. But you do what you like!

By the way, you can crush graham crackers yourself if you want, but there’s no need to do that when graham cracker crumbs come in a box. Yes, we’re that lazy! :)



Key Lime Pie Martini

This is a very refreshing drink, especially in warm weather. And if Key Lime Pie is one of your favorites, then this drink is your jam.

Really easy to make, not fussy at all, and something different to try. If you need to watch a tutorial, you can watch this TikTok favorite bartender making it in this clip. With her catchphrase, “Fun, right?” she’s a favorite among the kids these days. :)

So if you are craving a new cocktail to herald the start of summer, give a Key Lime Pie Martini a try. Cheers!

What is your favorite cocktail these days? Let me know!

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Key Lime Pie Martini




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