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If you have children or grandchildren, you know what a challenge it is for them to maintain healthy self-esteem in a fast-paced social media-fueled world. They can use all the help they can get! (Don’t we all?) 🙂

I have created a Self-Esteem Journal and Affirmations for children with a holiday theme!

Self-Esteem Journal


It starts out with an introduction and encouragement.

Children can fill out all their important information.

There are daily affirmations.

Self-Esteem Journal

Gratitude reflection.

Self-Esteem Journal

Children can celebrate their accomplishments.

And also work through challenges.

They can focus on their positive traits.

Focus on acts of kindness.

Self-Esteem Journal

And showcase their skills.

And so much more! They can write a letter to their future self, list reasons why they are a good friend, list qualities that make them unique and different from everyone else, list new things that take them out of their comfort zone, list their best qualities, explore rewarding hobbies, and learn how to pay it forward when they receive compliments.

The Self-Esteem Journal is 30 pages in length and an instant digital download, meaning no waiting! You receive a link to the journal in your inbox and all you have to do is print it out!

There is also a separate printable full of affirmations.

Self-Esteem Journal

You can print these out and put them anywhere your child or grandchild will see them regularly. They can even put them in their locker at school as a reminder to stay positive.

Self-Esteem Journal

And that it’s okay to be proud of our accomplishments.

And mistakes are just part of the process.

Self-Esteem Journal

And we are ENOUGH just as we are. 🙂

There are 21 affirmations in all and this is also a digital download, meaning there is no wait! Just download from the link you receive in your inbox and print!

And just because you are one of my favorite readers, for a limited time, when you purchase the Self-Esteem Journal, you can get the Affirmations for free! Just enter promo code AFFIRM at checkout to get the freebie.

We all can use a little help keeping our self-esteem at a healthy level, and we can never start too young learning how to do that for ourselves. I hope you’ll take a look at the Self-Esteem Journal and Affirmations for the children in your life.

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