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I am obsessed with Target Birds. 🙂 Are you? Much of the world is, with TikTok videos dedicated to the love of these little birds.

Target birds

I have other birds that I put up seasonally, and we nicknamed them the Nerd Birds. I don’t even remember where I got these but we love them and put them out every winter. It all started with these two.

Then this summer, on a whim, I picked up a nautical bird who was hanging out by himself at Target. I had to have him and he spent the summer on my piano and various bookshelves.

Then I saw all the fall birds and had to have all of them. 🙂


Target birds

I had to include them in my Favorite Fall Finds blog post.

I got wind of the winter and holiday Target Birds so I had to have some of those too.  🙂 Just look at these:

Target birds


Target birds

The little cable knit sweater. And the scarf and wreath.

Target Birds

And this PUFFER VEST. Come ON! I can’t stand how cute this is. I would wear this exact combo. 🙂

Target Birds

And this gal with her string of Christmas lights and party hat. I think we know who the life of all the holiday parties is. 🙂

And this one, who looks like the great party guest who never shows up empty-handed.

Festive scarf and Santa hat.

Cable knit sweaters. So dapper. 🙂

And this one with his little hat with the ear-warming flaps.

Target birds

Like the other Target Birds, these holiday editions have a little tag around the ankle with the year and the bird’s name. This group has names like Wafer, Crinkle, Chip, Snap, Cove, Ginger, and Tinsel.

(That’s so Tinsel! Who else watches Prep and Landing every year besides me? ) 🙂

There are also a few accessories this year like gingerbread houses and boxed gifts and nativity scenes. So you could really go crazy decorating with these little feathered friends.

Or I can imagine decorating an entire Christmas tree with them. The birds are only $5 each. Who knew $5 could buy so much happiness? 🙂

I had so much fun just taking pictures of them. I can’t wait to put them out for Christmas. I’m going to enjoy my fall birds for a few more weeks through Thanksgiving, then all these adorable birds are on deck for the rest of the year!

I don’t think you even have to be especially fond of birds to find these Target Birds to be just adorable and festive. I’d encourage you to go take a look at all the fun at your local Target or you can order them online.

They do sell quickly so move fast! 🙂

What is your favorite seasonal decoration that you put out every year? I’d love to know!

And I’d love for you to follow me on Pinterest!

Target Birds



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