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Have you seen these little keychain tools? As this Coronavirus rages on, we continue to have to wear masks and avoid touching surfaces.

I am a lifelong germophobe, so the no touch thing is not a foreign concept to me. I do stuff like always carry my own pen to sign for things, especially in places like pharmacies.

I recently came across a cute little gadget that is perfect for this type of thing, and it’s a keychain tool that has multiple uses that allows you to navigate your way through life without touching stuff.

key chain tool

It has many uses. You can use it to secure the lock on bathroom doors:

key chain tool

Or open doors:

key chain tool

You can even turn on the water in a restroom:

You can use the stylus to push elevator buttons.

And pay for your purchases without touching the keypad:

key chain tool

And open beverages: :)

You can open cabinets:

These little tools come in various styles and colors. We got the rose gold. No reason stuff can’t be functional and cute at the same time! :)

The only drawback to the one we got is that because of how it’s designed, it doesn’t fully work if a door handle is too thick.

Some door handles at stores are too big and bulky for this particular version to work. So if I were to buy another one, I would try to find one that fits on more types of door handles.

I feel like one designed this way would more readily fit around door handles of any size. Some of these don’t have all the other features like the bottle opener and stylus, so you might just want to think through your needs and decide which kind might work best for you. Or get one of each kind. :)

The great thing about little keychain tools like these is that since they are metal, you can just wipe them clean with an antibacterial wipe after each use.

I don’t think this virus is going to let up anytime soon, and though I don’t like all this talk about a “new normal,” we do currently have to make some adjustments to our routines in order to stay healthy.

As I said, I avoid touching public surfaces as a usual routine, so I may continue to use this no-touch keychain tool even after this virus is hopefully just a distant memory.

If you are looking for ways to stay healthy, please consider avoiding touching surfaces. That’s just a good practice, even in non-pandemic years. And this little keychain tool is a great place to start.

Have you tried one of these no-touch keychain tools? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

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