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Do you use Canva? It is a wonderful and easy-to-use graphic design program that can be used to create graphics for social media, presentations, blogs, and more. How about Christmas cards?

Make Your Own Christmas Cards in Canva

Canva has lots of templates to help you create all kinds of things. There is a very robust free version, as well as a paid version. I use the paid version because I use it extensively to create my self-published books, planners, and printables for my Printables Shop.

I was recently creating Christmas cards for my husband’s company. Our plan was to have me create them, then we would print them using card stock. But then I noticed a little button on the side of my screen that said “Print Cards.” When I clicked on it, it said: “Quality Cards Delivered to Your Doorstep.”

Hmmm. What was this? So I went through each of the screens and it allows you to choose single or double-sided cards, the type of paper on which you want them printed, the finish, (matte, glossy, or uncoated), and the number of copies you want. You can even add envelopes to your order!

When choosing, note that you aren’t able to write on glossy finished cards, so you may want to go with matte or uncoated. We went with matte.

So we decided this was definitely worth a try and much easier than printing them ourselves or going someplace like an office supply store or UPS to print them off there.

The cost was not excessive, as with this double-sided card it was only 48 cents per copy and the cost goes down with an increase in quantity ordered.

We ordered the cards and matching envelopes and waited to see what happened. It only took about a week and they arrived in a box right to our doorstep.

Create Your Own Christmas Cards in Canva

Everything was neatly packed and the printing came out very crisp and the paper was of nice quality and weight.

Create Your Own Christmas Cards in Canva

(My husband runs a dental supply business so we made his Christmas card using little festively dressed teeth jumping rope with dental floss.) 🙂

With the success of this experiment, we decided to design and order prints from Canva for our family Christmas card.

We almost always make our own Christmas cards and have done different things through the years. This was something new to try!

My daughter and I worked on it together and created a foldable card and chose a matte finish. We ordered the cards and matching envelopes and as with the other card, our creation arrived in about a week.

Create Your Own Christmas Cards in Canva

This whole process could not have been easier. You can start from scratch or use a template for a Christmas card on Canva. Once you are happy with your design, just choose the Print Cards option and follow the prompts to order as many cards as you want.

You can order as few as one card and as many as 1000 cards. Then place your order and pay, then wait for the fun to arrive right at your door! There is still time for you to create your own cards in Canva and get them delivered to you so you can send them to your friends and family.

We seem to get fewer and fewer Christmas cards with each passing year, which saddens me. It seems like fewer people choose to send paper cards as we move further and further into a digital age.

We really look forward to sending and receiving cards every year. We love to see pictures and hear updates on what everyone is up to. We have a friend who is a photographer who stages his family differently every year, dressed as something fun like characters from the latest movie.

One year they were all characters from Toy Story. Another year they were Star Wars characters. It’s always something fun and we love wondering what their card will look like each year.

If you haven’t yet chosen your Christmas cards this year, I would encourage you to send them to everyone you know, and to make them yourself! It’s so easy to do in Canva, even the free version. You could make them today, order them and have them ready to send out in a week.

If you don’t want to make your own, I have a set of baby animal Christmas cards you might like.

They are 5×7 in size and one-sided, so you can print them and add your own holiday greetings on the back!

I’d love to see your creation if you decide to make your own Christmas cards this year!

And I’d love for you to follow me on Pinterest!

Create Your Own Christmas Cards in Canva


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