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Just as I predicted about trends going by the wayside, the Coastal Grandmother is but a distant memory. The latest thing taking the internet by storm is Buttered Radishes.

Buttered Radishes

Have you tried them? I had to laugh to myself yet again when I saw all the youngsters raving about this new thing they “discovered.” Buttered radishes have been around for a VERY long time.

It’s a very old French snack for children, and Ina Garten, the Queen of Everything, even has a recipe for it in her 2008 cookbook, Barefoot in ParisSorry, hipsters, the Coastal Grandmother has bested you once again. 🙂

This recipe could not be easier if it tried. You only need three ingredients: radishes, salt, and butter.

Buttered Radishes

All you do is give your radishes a good washing and then slice them. You can slice off a tiny bit from the bottom so they won’t roll around on the plate. Dry them thoroughly.

Then salt the radishes.

Buttered Radishes

Then add a smear of softened butter to each radish. Then salt them again. You want salt on both the radish and the butter.

That’s it!

This is such a delicious snack. The creaminess of the butter tones down the spiciness of the radishes. The salt adds a nice flavor and additional texture.

It is recommended that each meal we eat should have a protein, a fat, and fiber. So I added a few pieces of sharp cheddar cheese and had this for lunch this weekend. The addition of a glass of crisp rosé, which I have heard described as “seasonally agnostic,” 🙂 makes this the perfect respite.

Buttered Radishes

You could have this as a light meal, a snack, or as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre with cocktails. The recipe in Barefoot in Paris suggests serving it with a baguette. Just butter the bread and place the radishes on top if you’d like, or just eat that delicious crusty baguette alongside your buttered radishes.

So as the weather heats up now that the unofficial start of summer is here, there’s no need to toil away in a hot kitchen to make something delicious.

Buttered radishes are delicious and extremely simple. You may already have everything you need on hand to whip some up today! If you make them, I’d love to know what you think!

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Buttered Radishes





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