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Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? How’s that going? 🙂 Are you stuck?



I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. The only things I’m resolving at this moment are to not get the flu going around my husband’s office, and to properly train to do a 10K (without having a stroke) with my daughter and her friends for Mom’s Weekend in the spring at her university. 🙂

According to various surveys, over 80% of us fail to follow through with our resolutions, and most of our resolve has crumbled by January 10th. A lucky few even make it to February. 🙂

I’ve been feeling a bit stuck myself lately. It’s not even something I can completely identify specifically. I think most of it is related to my Amazon business. While still successful, this past year was a bit bruising. Amazon is famous for changing the rules at any second, with no warning, and no explanation. It requires one to be very adaptable, and anyone who knows me knows that I’m a creature of habit, so adaptability is definitely a challenge for me.

I’ve been thinking it doesn’t need to be this hard. It SHOULDN’T need to be this hard, anyway. So I’ve been thinking of changes I can make to my business model that will place more of the control back with me and less with the capricious whims of Jeff Bezos, or the minions who do his bidding. 🙂

I’m also still getting my Printables Shop off the ground, having had a lot of fun creating and selling printables over the holidays. But still more work to do there.

I think a lot of us just have holiday fatigue, and just like that we’re expected to come up with these motivational goals for the new year and jump right in accomplishing them. I’m just not feeling completely up to that. Are you?

I recently attended a webinar hosted by one of my business mentors. She was having a conversation with Natasha Hazlett, who is a business coach and motivational speaker. She has written a book called Unstoppable Influence, which is a call to action for us to figure out what is keeping us stuck and move forward without fear as an unstoppable influence for others.

21 Day Challenge

Beyond the book, Natasha has also created a 21-Day Challenge, asking, Do you feel like you’re meant for something “MORE” but you’re not quite sure what “more” looks like?

I don’t know about you, but my answer to that is definitely yes.

The Challenge is divided into 3 weeks:

  • Week 1: Learn how to be YOU by identifying the ruts in your life and what you want
  • Week 2: Tackle fear and self-doubt and make room for the good stuff waiting to come your way
  • Week 3: Discover and fulfill your calling and learn to help others do the same

The 21-Day Challenge kicks off February 10th.

I’ve signed up and would like to extend an invitation for you to join me! When you join The Challenge you get:

  • 21 days of virtual coaching with Natasha
  • A digital copy of the Unstoppable Influence book
  • A digital copy of the Unstoppable Influence companion workbook
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Access to all the recordings in case you miss a live session

You can find out all the information about joining the challenge here. For a limited time, the cost to participate in the challenge is $47.

I’m looking forward to all the inspiration I expect to encounter during The Challenge. I am sure it will take some work, but we can do anything for a short 21 days, right? Especially something that makes us better.

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of having some newfound clarity by March. Whether you want to quit your job, change jobs, be a better parent or spouse, or reach some fitness goals, I hope you’ll take a look and make the choice to join me. This could be you and me by then, all smiley in a world of frowny faces:

If you need some motivation, I leave you with some favorite quotes that are available in my Printables Shop.


21-Day Challenge


21-Day Challenge

Please let me know in the comment section if you’d like to join The Challenge with me!

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