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Fall crafts are so much fun! This one is not a new one, but it needs to be brought out every year: Pony Bead Indian Corn.

I hope it’s still okay to call it Indian Corn. I know everything changes by the day, so maybe this is now Native American Corn? Indigenous Corn? Someone let me know if I need to call it something different! :)

Pony Bead Indian Corn

Indian Corn is so beautiful and one of nature’s best ideas, in my opinion. It comes in so many colors and each stalk looks like a handful of jewels. I mean, look at this stuff!

It’s so easy to make your own Indian Corn using pony beads and pipe cleaners.

For this craft, you’ll want to use fall colors for the beads and natural colors for the pipe cleaners.

To start making your little ear of corn, take four pipe cleaners in the color of your choice. You can choose all one color, or mix and match. Then pinch them in the center and twist them several times until they are are secure. They will look kitten whiskers. :)

Then splay them all out in a circle.

Then start putting beads on each pipe cleaner. The more random, the better. Remember, the universe doesn’t do straight lines! :)

I put 15 beads on each pipe cleaner, but you can put as many as you like. You just need to leave room at the top to twist the pipe cleaners together.

Then pull each of the pipe cleaners up.

Then twist the tops together and splay the pipe cleaners out to look like a corn stalk.

You can do whatever color combinations you want.

You can do traditional colors:

Pony Bead Indian Corn

Or jewel tones:

Pony Bead Indian Corn

Or pick a dominant color:

Pony Bead Indian Corn

I did one in all browns and neutrals to match my house:

Pony Bead Indian Corn

Or you can do iridescent:

Pony Bead Indian Corn

They all just look so festive together:

Pony Bead Indian Corn

My husband decided he wanted to make one, but wanted to make a full-size ear of corn. He used some kind of wire instead of pipe cleaners. So men, this one is for you, too! :)

I think this would be a great craft for kids, either now, or to keep them busy on Thanksgiving Day while waiting for the feast. I think these would be so pretty as part of the place settings on your holiday table.

Pony Bead Indian Corn

So all you need are a few minutes, some pony beads, and some pipe cleaners, and you’ve got a great fall craft–Indian Corn! If you make your own, I’d love to see it. Send me pics!

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