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It’s holiday party season and we want to look our best head to toe. I recently discovered a way to dress up my shoes with shoe clips!

Shoe Clips

This all started last year when I saw a pair of shoes I loved from a favorite retailer. But. They were almost $500. They were a lovely scarlet color with beautiful multicolored jewels across the toebox.

Now, I do love a well-made beautiful shoe. But not in the Carrie Bradshaw-can’t-buy-food-or-buy-her-apartment-when-it-goes-co-op kind of way. :)

Did you ever see that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie’s building goes co-op and she wants to buy her apartment but she has no money? Miranda helps her figure out she has spent over $40,000 on shoes!

I like quality shoes that last a long time. But no way have I hit $40,000 in shoes, nor do I jump at the chance to spend $500 a pair.

So I kept my eye on this shoe, and it rarely goes on sale. When it does, it’s not by much, and they never have my size available.

So this year I started wondering if there was a way to dress up the shoes I already have to create the same look.

Almost every pair of shoes I own is suede. I have suede pumps, flats, loafers, espadrilles, and even suede tennis shoes. I could not live in an overly rainy climate. :)

So I thought, I have all these beautiful suede shoes. Could I find a way to dress them up and avoid spending $500? The answer is yes! Shoe clips!

I started looking around online and found out there are endless choices of shoe clips available.

These are basically clip-on earrings for your shoes. :)

You just clip them on your shoes and you are good to go! And they are inexpensive so you can dress up multiple pairs of shoes for very little money.



I bought a few pairs of shoe clips and want to show you how you can use them to dress up your shoes. With the holidays in full swing, this is an easy way to dress up with very little effort or money.

First up, this pair from J Crew. These shoes are already pretty festive, but I added a shoe clip to really dress them up.

Shoe Clips

Here’s an up-close look at the clip.

Shoe Clips

Isn’t that a lovely touch?

Shoe Clips

These clips come in so many colors and styles. Here is a multicolored one:

Shoe Clips

Think of all the colors of shoes you could wear with this clip!

Next up is a pump from Sam Edelman. I LOVE this shoe and have it in several colors. It’s a fairly high heel, but I have never experienced any discomfort wearing this shoe, even fresh out of the box.

I wore it to a wedding recently and was on my feet for 7 hours with nary a blister.

Shoe Clips

Here’s a closer look at the clip:

Shoe Clips

Here’s the same shoe with a different clip:

Shoe Clips

A close-up of the clip:

Shoe Clips

Same shoe with yet another clip:

Shoe Clips


Shoe Clips

So you see how quickly you can change the look of your shoes with these shoe clips. So easy and fun!

Here is the same Sam Edelman shoe in Riviera Blue with a multicolored shoe clip:

Shoe Clips

Doesn’t this look like sparkly candy? :)

Same shoe with a different shoe clip:

And a close-up look:

Yet another clip:

And a close-up:

I hope you can see all the endless possibilities that are just waiting for your and your imagination with these shoe clips!

If you are looking for a way to dress up your shoes for the holidays, or just any day, you will want to give these shoe clips a try. I’d love to see what you come up with! (Imagine these on a pair of shoes for your upcoming Christmas party!)

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Shoe Clips


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