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You may be tired of hearing about my decluttering project by now. I know I am. :)

I have made a lot of progress and now only have a few closets left that I am still refining.

When I was decluttering my kitchen a few weeks ago I loved how everything came together except the gathering of electronic devices on the counter.

I needed to work on decluttering electronics and you may be interested in this too, as we all have a lot of devices and they have to be parked somewhere.

I purchased a charging station and thought that would be the solution.

decluttering electronics

I really like the functionality of this charging station and the one I got came with a power source so it could definitely accommodate everything.

I used it for about a week and I wasn’t happy with it. I’m not sorry I got it because it can definitely be used elsewhere, but I just didn’t like it in the kitchen because it still looked cluttered, with cords visible everywhere.

So I went in search of another option. I started looking on Etsy for something more creative than just a traditional charging station.

What a treasure trove!

I really loved what I saw using books for decluttering devices.

I love books, so this was a natural choice for me.

Covobox is a family business that makes delightful solutions for disguising electronics and they sell their products on Etsy as well as Amazon.

They take actual books and cut them, then reinforce them with a wood box so they stand up as one piece. You can place all of your devices behind the box.

Here is what it looks like from the front:

decluttering electronics

Looks just like a grouping of books, right?

Here is the back:

decluttering electronics

I really loved the idea of this and there are so many color options.

I contacted the seller and asked if they could make one for my kitchen. I told them I would love to use cookbooks and neutral colors like browns, tans, black, and whites. I didn’t want any primary colors because they would not match my kitchen.

I also asked if it would be possible for the books to be all the same height. I am not OCD about many things, but for some reason, I am that way about books.

The books on my bookshelves are all arranged by descending height, from tallest to shortest. Each shelf is arranged this way and the idea of books arranged like a skyline would make me crazy. :)

The seller was extremely accommodating and we communicated back and forth, and they said they would put together something they thought I might like and send me a picture before they made it.

They put together a grouping of cookbooks in the colors I requested and they were all similar height! :) They sent me some pictures and we settled on a finished product and they made my book box and shipped it to me.

Here is what I got:

decluttering electronics

You can choose the width of the book box you want to fit your space. And your preferred color scheme.

I put mine on the counter and I can charge anything I need to behind the book box.

They even offer books arranged horizontally that would be great to disguise a cable box or a router. I love the look of this one.

This color scheme would look wonderful in a beach house.

Here is the back of this horizontal box:

If your clutter extends to things like remotes, there are decorative book boxes for that too so you can stow them away and keep everything looking tidy.

You can browse some of the wonderful choices and see if something like this appeals to you to keep your electronics tidy.

If charging stations better suit your needs, they can be a fantastic solution as well if you are decluttering electronics.

This book box just really appealed to me and suits my needs perfectly. I am really happy with how tidy everything looks now in my kitchen. I just place any phones or earbuds or anything that needs to charge behind the box while it’s charging and everything looks very organized.

Do you have solutions for decluttering electronics in your home and keeping them neat and tidy? I’d love to know. Please share!

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Decluttering Electronics



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