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Spring is just around the corner, which means wedding season is almost upon us! Summer is a very popular time for weddings, and springtime is full of wedding showers.

Amazon Wedding Registry

Whether you are a bride-to-be or an invited guest, a wedding registry is a wonderful way for couples to let their guests know what they would like to help establish their new home, and it makes it easy for guests to buy for the couple. Nowhere is this easier than with an Amazon wedding registry.

Amazon Wedding Registry

The one thing I really want to say about wedding registries is that if a couple goes to the trouble of creating one, by all means USE IT! Nothing is more frustrating than taking the time to choose things you would like for your new home and then having everyone ignore it and just get you what they want.

I was a wedding coordinator for many years before I became a mom, and I really cannot stress enough how much it means to the couple that guests try to shop from the wedding registry. They have gone to the trouble to choose china, silverware, small appliances, and housewares to furnish their new home. It can be very frustrating to have people ignore the registry and you end up getting ten crock pots and none of the things you registered for.

The only time I think it’s okay as a guest to ignore a request is if the couple just asks for cash. I am old-school and think that asking for money is tacky. I know it’s very popular these days, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still tacky. 🙂

It is SO much easier now to create and shop from a wedding registry than it used to be. Back when I was engaged, eons ago, 🙂 you went to the store of your choice and went to the bridal department, which was usually located in hushed, hallowed halls of the fine china and crystal department, and a lady followed you around writing down your choices as you made your selections.

The nice thing about this system is that those bridal ladies were usually very knowledgeable and could help with suggestions and they made sure you covered all the areas of your home you would need to furnish.

Amazon Wedding Registry

But as a wedding guest it wasn’t always so easy, as you usually had to contact the mother of the bride or the maid of honor to find out where the couple was registered, then go to that store and bridal department and provide the bride and groom’s names.

Then you were given a list from which to shop. It wasn’t always up to date as far as what had already been purchased and sometimes it was hard to find the items on the list.

By the time I was having a baby shower, it had gotten a bit easier, as you could now walk around the store of your choice with a little scanner and you would just scan the bar codes of the items you wanted. This was really fun.

Then guests would request your registry in the store and would be given a printout of your choices from which to shop.

Then came online registries. Total game changer for everyone. Couples can choose their gift requests online, and guests can shop online, and even have the item gift wrapped and shipped to the wedding couple.

This is especially convenient and wonderful for situations where the couple lives far from you and you don’t want to travel with a gift, or if you are unable to attend but would still like to send a gift. (And if you receive a wedding invitation, you should send a gift.)

Amazon Wedding Registry

I would also encourage you to send the gift prior to the wedding if possible, as well. It can be hard to keep track of gifts and the accompanying cards at a wedding reception. Things can get lost or mixed up and that makes thank you notes more difficult.

I was horrified to learn after our wedding that the person who brought our wedding gifts to our home after the reception just took it upon themselves to pair mismatched gifts and cards together if there was a gift without a card or vice versa. We will assume they meant well, but we may have had some very confused thank you note recipients after our wedding. 🙂

So my tip there is put the card INSIDE the wrapped gift, not on it. That way the two can’t be separated.

Amazon Wedding Registry

Back to registries. Amazon has a great wedding registry system. Just take a look at some of the benefits:

  • As a registered couple, you have 180 days to return or exchange a gift that isn’t quite the right fit. Amazon’s normal return policy is 30 days, so this 180 days for wedding gifts is quite generous. You have a lot going on when you first get married, so it’s nice to have that extra time.
  • While couples should attempt to register for gifts that run the entire price gamut, if there are a few big ticket items you’d like, Amazon offers a Group Gifting feature that allows guests to contribute together to go in on an expensive gift.
  • Amazon offers a Universal Registry. This means you add a browser through Amazon, then if there’s something you want from another website, Amazon will add it to your registry so that all of your gift requests are all in one place for your guests.
  • You can add comments to your gift choices and prioritize them, which is helpful to those seeking to buy you something you want.
  • You can share your Amazon registry with your guests through email and social media.
  • Free shipping for those buying the wedding gifts. Prime members automatically have free shipping, but even non-Prime shoppers will get free shipping if they spend over $35 on eligible items.
  • If there is something on your registry that you didn’t receive, Amazon gives you a one-time discount to use after your wedding, so you can buy it for yourself! Prime members get a 20% discount on select items, and non-Prime members get a 10% discount. You can check out the details here.


  • The registry makes it easy when it comes time to send those thank you notes because it keeps an itemized record of who bought what.
  • And maybe the coolest benefit, Package X-Ray! As the wedding date approaches, hopefully your home is overflowing with gifts 🙂 and you may not have time to open them all right away. With Package X-Ray, you go into the Amazon app, click the camera icon, then choose Package X-Ray. Then you scan your gift using the bar code, and it will show you WHAT’S INSIDE THE BOX! So sci-fi. 🙂

Amazon’s gift registry also offers help when choosing your registry. They have pages of popular wedding gifts, or you can shop by room, category, your own personal style, or by brand. They really have taken a lot of the pain out the process and made it a one-stop shop experience.

All you have to do is get started.

If you still have any questions, Amazon has a great registry FAQs page you can visit. Happy registering!

Amazon Wedding Registry

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Amazon Wedding Registry

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