Resources I Use:

There are many sites and resources I use in my daily life and with my business. The following is a list of tools I use. Enjoy!


Website Building: 


30 Day Website Building Challenge: 30 Day Website Building Challenge logoIf you had told me a few months ago that I would ever be able to build my own website and start a blog, I would never have believed you. But I did! I followed this course and it was great because it broke each task down into daily things to do instead of overwhelming me all at once. It was exciting to accomplish each milestone and watch the whole thing come together. So if you thought you had to spend a ton of money hiring someone to build a website for you, consider trying this first. You just might surprise yourself!


I built this website myself, and I use SiteGround logoSiteGround for website hosting. Their customer support is awesome, and they really helped me get up and running. It’s only $3.95 a month for one website, and you get a free domain name!



ConvertKit logoI use ConvertKit to help me manage all of my email and subscription tasks. I really like how it allows me to automate tasks, and it integrates easily with WordPress.



Services that help me run my business:


Tax Jar: TaxJar logoOh my goodness, what would I do without this service? They link to your business accounts, and keep track of all of your transactions, calculating the sales tax due. You can also sign up to have them autofile in states that offer it, and they will automatically file your sale tax returns for you. If you choose to file manually, they walk you through that with instructions.


Inventory Lab:  InventoryLab logoThis site helps me keep track of all of my sales and expenses and inventory. I use it to generate reports for all kinds of things–profit and loss by month, quarter, or year, individual SKU profitability, expenses, inventory valuation, and so much more. I started using this the minute I started my business and I’m SO glad I did!


EnounceEnounce logo: I watch a LOT of webinars and videos for my business.  As much as I strive for a “PBS” attention span, :) I confess sometimes I just cannot sit through long recordings without getting antsy. Enounce has been life changing for me. It’s a service that allows you to speed up or slow down videos, without compromising the quality of the sound. No chipmunks! I usually speed videos up to at least 1.5 times their normal speed, which allows me to get through recorded material faster. It saves me SO much time. They offer a free trial so you can try it for yourself!


MerchantWords logo

MerchantWords:  If you sell on Amazon, you know how crucial having excellent keywords is for your product listings. How can you know what customers are searching for? MerchantWords! They do research on customer searches and compile the information all in one place. You just type in your product, and MerchantWords shows you how many people have used that term to search for the product. You can see exactly what words are searched most often and include them in the keyword information for your listing. This greatly increases the likelihood that shoppers will see your product. I would never consider creating a listing for a product on Amazon without using MerchantWords. If you follow this discount link, you will get a huge discount on the monthly subscription fee. It is normally $30 per month for the Pro subscription. Use my friend discount and you’ll only pay $9 a month forever. That’s a 70% savings. You’re welcome! :)


Money Saving:


Rakuten: A cashback website that allows you to earn money by shopping through their site. Once you create an account, Rakuten will let you know how much cash back you can earn by shopping on a particular site. You activate the cash back, and off you go shopping. There are literally hundreds of stores in the program, and you will almost certainly find your favorite stores among them. Your cash back payments are sent by check or are applied to your PayPal account.


Helpful Resources for College:


The Scholarship System Course: The Scholarship System logoA comprehensive online course that teaches students and parents how to navigate the college scholarship system properly, increasing their chances of securing scholarships.



Grammarly logoGrammarly: A proofreading tool that can help you become a better writer. They have a free Chrome extension, as well as a premium upgrade. Grammarly checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and contextual errors. A great tool for college students and all those research papers!



If you are interested in visiting my Author Page on Amazon, you can find all of my books available for purchase. There are journals, coloring books, planners, and more!




Keep checking back, as I am always adding information to this page as I find new resources I want to share!